Khare to Lukla Helicopter flight


Khare to Lukla helicopter flight is popular among the climbers attempting the Mera peak. However, Khare lies east of Lukla airport and often favors for bad weather during the day. Therefore, Mera peak is not only for the climbers, but many trekkers trek to the base camp and fly back by helicopter to Lukla.
Mera peak base camp is 4 hours hike from Khare. Khare lies at 4900M above sea level. Khare, or the Mera region, is famous for not being located on the trail to Everest base camp. Instead, it lies on the other side towards the Everest base camp trail east.

Khare to Lukla helicopter flight is the best choice for the climbers as they are tired of walking back down. So, after the successful summit of the Mera peak, they climb down to Mera high camp and then further down to Khare. From Khare, they can take a helicopter back to Lukla.
The helicopter can also be take flight from Mera high camp (5800 M), but due to the height, applies altitude weight limit. Usually, the aircraft can only lift one person. But again, it all depends on wind and temperature. Also, the weather at the high camp is always challenging.

Khare to Lukla helicopter flight cost

Khare to Lukla helicopter flight costs USD 650 Per person on a shared helicopter. While a private Charter flight can cost USD 1500 for up to 3 pax and USD 2000 for up to 5 pax.
The helicopter has a total of five seats for the passengers. However, due to the weight limit at Khare, the aircraft can only lift 3 pax at a time. So if there are 5 pax, the helicopter will shuttle between Khare and Kothe doing two shifts. And from Kothe to Lukla, one shift with 5 pax.

Khare weather

Khare weather is unlike Lukla. The weather itself at Khare is almost always good. But the route to Khare of Lukla is almost always bad. There are few passes between Khare and Lukla, which are almost always covered in clouds or captured by heavy winds. The flight to Khare should operate at the early hours to prevent the bad weather trap afterward.

Rescue from Khare

Rescue from Khare to Lukla or Kathmandu can be organized by Lukla helicopter flight service upon request. Once we receive the request, one helicopter will be standby for the rescue. Upon good weather, the aircraft will take the flight to rescue the costumer from Lukla as soon as possible. The Normal take-off time to rescue the patient is 30 Mins after we receive the request.

You can also take the flight from Lukla to Kathmandu by helicopter. There are frequent flight flying from Lukla to Kathmandu, and you can hop in one of our helicopters. Since, Most of the Lukla to Kathmandu helicopters are pre-booked, make sure you contact us beforehand for your seats.

Where is khare helipad?

Khare has multiple helipads. Usually the helipad are infront of the guest houses. Below is the co-ordinate of one of them

Google map:

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