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Gorakshep is a famous village on the Everest trail situated at 5164 M (16942 Ft). It is a small village with just Five lodges. Those Five lodges are always full because it is the last stop on the Everest base camp trek. It is a very nice village with Local sherpas, horses, and yaks. Gorakshep to Lukla helicopter Flight intends to serve our valuable clients who wish to fly back rather than walk the same trail. Of course, there could be numerous reasons to take the flight. But taking the flight with a comfortable helicopter and enjoying the scenic landscapes and mountains from the sky provides your trip with a different level of satisfaction. Many of our customers send feedback to us, saying it is a lifetime experience.
Moreover, The route of heli ride from gorekshep to Lukla is exactly over the trail you walked up from Lukla to Gorakshep. This flight provides all the ground views you spotted through the sky with a bird’s eye view.

Gorakshep to Lukla Helicopter flight Cost ( Price )

Gorekshep to Lukla Helicopter service costs USD $600 – $750 per person on a shared helicopter. The Shared helicopter can pick up the member from any place on the trail or route. Not all the passengers will be picked up from the same place. Cost may vary from where the passenger is picked up from.

A private charter flight costs USD $1500 in total if you are a group of two – Three persons. If you are a group of four or five persons, it will cost USD $2050 in total.

The maximum capacity of the helicopter is Five passengers, but due to the thin air at that altitude, it can only lift 3 persons plus baggage (A total of 220 – 250 KGs). The weight lifting capacity of the helicopter depends on the wind and temperature of the place. For a group of 4 or 5 persons, the helicopter will do shuttle service to the nearest lower altitude (Pheriche, 4500M). Further explaining the shuttle service, the helicopter will lift 3 pax and drop them to Pheriche, and it will come back to Gorakshep and lift the other 2 pax and take them to Pheriche, where the other three are dropped. And then, the helicopter will board all the 5 passengers and take them from pheriche to Lukla.

Add on to the flight

⇒ For the private flight you can add a scenic flight above base camp and Everest for an extra of USD $200 – $500 (depending on no. of persons) in total. However, this option is not available for shared flights.

Cancellations and Refund policy:

There are many reasons that the flight can be cancelled or delayed for unknown period of time. Weather, Air traffic, Aircraft Technical, Fuel shortage, and unforeseen situations. Everest region is full of surprises when it comes to weather. It can change in a minute from Good to bad and vice-versa.

During cancellations due to unforeseen situation, the full refund will be made. If the cancellation is made by the costumer, USD $200 will be charged if the flight hasn’t taken off and is on the way to destination no refund will be made. In case of delayed and cancelled by costumer due to delay, USD $200 will be charged.

Weather in Everest Region and flight delays

Mountain weather can never be predicted. It can change in every moment. Many people get stranded in their destination waiting for the helicopter. There are few things to understand before you face the situation.

For your safety reasons, we never proceed ahead without being sure that it is safe to fly. We have seen many clients panicking because the helicopter cannot come. But it is what it is! Safety First. When the weather is good for 2 minutes, it doesn’t mean the weather will be same during the flight time of 35 minutes. We have to analyze the wind and temperature and use our experience to predict the further weather condition. So please keep calm during those situations.

Once one flight delayed due to weather, the other flights are going to delay automatically on schedule. We try to make every flight as sooner as we can but sometimes things go out of our hand. In such cases, we suggest you to keep patience.

How long does it take to arrive helicopter?

It usually takes 25 mins to arrive the helicopter in Gorakshep once activated. But it depends on availability, weather conditions, air traffic and unforeseen conditions. Once booked the flight, we will give you estimated time of arrival and you can move to helipad accordingly. Moreover, we have our representative in Gorakshep who will help you with the co-ordination of flight.

Heli ride from Gorakshep to Lukla

Heli Ride from Gorakshep to Lukla is an adventure ride. The pilot you lift you at Gorakshep helipad and fly you towards south slowly and gradually taking the lower altitude. In the meantime, you can witness many sherpa villages and unseen landscapes of Everest that cannot be seen from ground. There are many lakes and ridges, that are more beautiful than the reflecting blue sky on the cockpit.

What type of helicopter is used in the flight?

We use Airbus AS350 B3 (H125) helicopters for Gorakshep. Other helicopters cannot have enough power to lift passengers at that altitude.  This model of helicopter is said to be the safest helicopter for high altitude. We use other models like AS350 B2, AS350 FXII, Robinson R66 and bell helicopters for lower altitudes according to their capabilities.


1. he most important part of every trip is safety. It can be hazardous if you do not follow safety regulations of helicopter.

2. Do not approach helicopter until it is landed and pilot calls you. Until then, maintain your distance

3. Do not approach helicopter from the back end. The tail rotor will get you. Always approach the helicopter from front end (Cockpit)

4. Bow down your head when near the helicopter

5. Always approach the helicopter from the lower side of the landing site.

Reasons to take Gorakshep to Lukla helicopter Flight

  • Enjoy Scenic Landscapes and mountain sceneries
  • You are tired and you do not want to walk 3 more days
  • You are sick or feeling not okay
  • Save time walking the trail back and do other activities
  • Experience of a lifetime
  • You have never ride on a helicopter before

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