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Lukla to Kathmandu helicopter flight is an option for the fixed wings flight. Regular flights are Going into Lukla or out of Lukla. Since Lukla Airport (Tenzin Hilary airport) is the world’s most dangerous airport, many travelers prefer to travel by helicopter. Since helicopter flights to Lukla are becoming very popular over time, plenty of helicopter flights operates daily from Lukla to Kathmandu.
Lukla to Kathmandu Helicopter flight takes 45 minutes in good weather conditions. While, when the weather intervenes in the route, the helicopter will alter the route, preferably the route following the river, and it might take up to 1 hour to reach Kathmandu from Lukla.
Our Lukla to Kathmandu Helicopter is available anytime upon request. We operate scheduled helicopter flights during the trekking season. You can contact us and get a seat on one of those helicopters quickly.

Lukla to Kathmandu Helicopter flight cost

Lukla to Kathmandu helicopter flight cost USD 350 – USD 500 Per person on the shared helicopter. The cost depends on No. of pax, the date of the flight, and weather conditions. While, on a private helicopter, the flight costs USD 2000 – 2800 in total for five pax.

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Weather in Lukla

The weather in Lukla is very unpredictable; a slight change in the wind and temperature makes a vast difference, and Most of the time, the forecast does not match too. However, half of the day can be bad, and the other half can be good. The weather can still be challenging for the fixed wings aircraft when there are minimum clouds. But the helicopter can go in the bad weather too, concerning the safety first. Most days during the trekking season, you will find lousy weather.

What are experts saying about booking Lukla to Kathmandu helicopter flight?

Lukla is a fantastic place. During peak season, about 500 – 700 people land in Lukla by Fixed wings and helicopters. The flights are usually delayed due to air traffic, wind, and unmanaged airport services in good weather. In bad weather, the flights are mostly canceled, and helicopter remains the only option. The helicopter always puts its priority on medical emergencies first. It can sometimes delay the flight too.
The helicopter can only operate between sunrise time and sunset time in Nepal. So besides this time, you will have to wait for another day to sunrise again and take the helicopter.
Pilots flying in the Lukla – Kathmandu route are well-trained and well-known. They know the track and can predict the weather and the necessary steps to be taken. The pilots are dedicated and follow safety protocols carefully.
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Reasons to take Lukla to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight.

  • To some people, a fixed-wing flight can be scary. Landing in and taking off from Lukla airport is not for everyone.
  • Lukla’s weather often gets terrible. Fixed-wing aircraft cannot operate the flight in bad weather. It leaves travelers stranded in Lukla for a couple of days. The helicopter can fly even if the weather is but until it is safe.
  • Experience the helicopter flight in the mountain of Nepal
  • Easy schedule and comfortable ride


How many passengers can fly in one helicopter?

Five passengers can fly at a time in one helicopter.

What is the payment method?

You can pay by card or cash at our Lukla or Kathmandu station

What is the baggage allowance?

20 Kg baggage is allowed per person. However, this depends on the total weight of passengers and baggage together. The maximum limit of the helicopter is 450 – 500 Kg.

What is the age limit?

There is no age limit on the flight.

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Lukla to Kathmandu helicopter flight
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