Gokyo is one of the most beautiful places to be in Everest region. Thousands of tourist trek to Gokyo known for its pristine blue water Lake “Gokyo Lake”. Gokyo lake is full of fresh mountain water and the water it gets comes from the stream that comes from mountains. The lake is 43m deep. The charm of the Gokyo village increases when it’s a sunny day and the lake reflects the mountains that surrounds it. Take a Gokyo to Lukla helicopter flight to enjoy the scenic ride.
Gokyo region is very popular among second time visitors. Basically, the first time every traveler is going to head for the Everest base camp. But few people will do Gokyo lake, chola pass and Everest base camp together to cover all the best adventures and sceneries of the Everest base camp trek. The view from the Gokyo Ri (5357 M), with no question, will hold your breath for a moment. From the top of Gokyo Ri you will be able to see all the four 8000M peaks: Mt Everest, Lhotse, Cho-Yu and Makalu. Many other mountains can be viewed on a clear day.
Taking a helicopter flight from Gokyo to Lukla will save you 3 days. Plus, you will be able to enjoy a scenic ride in the air viewing almost all the mountains in Everest region. This is a worthful flight to take in your lifetime. The helicopter flies over the lake down to Machermo and dole and further to Namche and Lukla. All the tiny village you are seeing from above could be a village you stayed before, its just you are seeing it again from the different dimension.

Gokyo to Lukla helicopter Flight Cost:

Gokyo to Lukla Helicopter Flight cost USD 500 Per person on a shared helicopter flight. While, on a private charter flight it will cost USD 1400 Only.

The maximum capacity of the helicopter is five passengers. But due to the high altitude, the helicopter can only lift 4 pax (Total of 330 KGs with baggage).

Add-ons to the flight

Add-ons are only available for private flight. You can add to go from Gokyo to fly over Everest base camp and then back to Lukla. This will cost an extra of USD 800 in total.

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