Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter flight

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  • Transfer/Tour
  • AS350 Series
  • Kathmandu Airport
  • Lukla Airport
  • Included

The safety you must follow on the flight

  •  Inflammable liquids/objects are not allowed (including oxygen and lighters)
  •  Put your knives and sharp objects in your luggage (not your handbag)
  •  Tighten your seatbelt when seated
  •  Do not talk to the pilot during his conversation with the air traffic controller
  •  Do not put your hands on technical parts inside the cockpit
  •  Upon landing, get off only when the pilot says to do so. Do not hurry.
  •  Do not touch door lockers.
  •  If you feel unwell, talk to the pilot about it

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Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter flight
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